• March Newsletter
    The March Newsletter is available now. Grab yourself a cuppa & read what is happening in the shop.
  • January Newlsletter
    Maybe this year will be the year to update our Blog site more often. We have just posted our January Newsletter, so take some time to see what is new at Quilters Harvest
  • June Newsletter....
    Time to catch up with the latest news from Quilters Harvest. Grap a coffee & enjoy the read. We hope you find something of interest to you.
  • January Newsletter
    The first newsletter is now printed, so take a moment or two to see what is happening at Quilters Harvest
  • June Newsletter
    Another month has almost gone so it is time for the next Newsletter. Put you feet up a catch up with what has been happening at Quilters Harvest
  • April Newsletter
    Take a moment to read what is happening at Quilters Harvest this month.
  • February Newsletter 2012
    Time to update the Newsltter file. Take a moment to find out what is happening at the shop.
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